Female Bearded Dragon Names. Best 100 Cool Names for Your Girl!

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After buying the bearded dragon, you start to wonder how to name your lizard pet. At first, this process seems engaging and simple: it does not require the advice of a zoologist expert – only your family support, a good mood, and a little imagination are enough. However, it turns out that choosing a suitable name for the bearded dragon is quite tricky: it should be bright, reflect the individual aspects of the animal, and get approved by your family. In this article, we prepared a list of the best female bearded dragon names. Keep reading and we hope you’ll find your favorite name!

female bearded dragon names ideas list
Female bearded dragon names. List of girl name ideas for lizard pet.

Choosing Name for Your Beardie – Life Hacks

To help you with choosing a nickname, we recommend you paying attention to the following aspects:

Lifehack #1

Consider bearded dragon morph.
The individual characteristics of the breed can be a good clue when choosing a nickname for your lizard.

Some examples: Rosie (if you have a pink/red bearded dragon morph), Pearl (if it’s white morph), etc.

Bearded Dragon with a Flower

Lifehack #2

Pay attention to your pet behavior.
Some believe that the name of the animal affects its character. An inverse relationship is also possible: observe your bearded dragon for several days, study the features of its behavior and preferences – perhaps they will help you determine the name.

For example: Queeny (if your lady has royal blood; or at least you want this to be true), Kitty (if it loves to lay on your legs), etc.

Bearded Dragon Princess
Bearded Dragon Princess

Lifehack #3

Watch your lizard’s external features. The color of the pet, its height, weight, individual structural features can also play a role in choosing a future nickname.

For instant: Bitsy (if it’s a small beardie), Sandy (if skin color is similar to sand), etc.

If you still find it challenging to choose a name, look in the lists below. We manually picked up all the best suitable name for your beardie girl.

Best Female Bearded Dragon Names

  1. Babe
  2. Bella
  3. Cupcake
  4. Dolly
  5. Honey
  6. Lady
  7. Rosie
  8. Pookie
  9. Sweetie
  10. Lily
  11. Zoe
  12. Anna
  13. Kylie
  14. Alexa
  15. Capri
  16. Kinsley
  17. Mae
  18. Frida
  19. Gianna
  20. Naomi
  21. Eva
  22. Faith
  23. Hydra
  24. Queeny
  25. Kitty
  26. Bently
  27. Bugatti
  28. Ferarri
  29. Echinda
  30. Fluffy
  31. Lizzy
  32. Medusa
  33. Nessie
  34. Agave
  35. Baby
  36. Luna
  37. Lucy
  38. Daisy
  39. Tilda
  40. Timea
  41. Tulsi
  42. Bitty
  43. Matisse
  44. Maude
  45. Neri
  46. Oceane
  47. Ondine
  48. Perrin
  49. Phillipa
  50. Fleur
  51. Aurora
  52. Diva
  53. Sprinkles
  54. Venus
  55. Angel
  56. Pikachu
  57. Precious
  58. Ozzy
  59. Kiwi
  60. Basil
  61. Iggy
  62. Mavis
  63. Nora
  64. Maggie
  65. Lola
  66. Sadie
  67. Molly
  68. Bailey
  69. Stella
  70. Riley
  71. Willow
  72. Millie
  73. Harley
  74. Sasha
  75. Lexi
  76. Josie
  77. Leia
  78. Ava
  79. Missy
  80. Mila
  81. Remi
  82. Cleo
  83. Penelope
  84. Ivy
  85. Peanut
  86. Xena
  87. Jasmine
  88. Paisley
  89. Shadow
  90. Koda
  91. Pearl
  92. Delilah
  93. Skye
  94. Trixie
  95. Charlotte
  96. Arya
  97. Aspen
  98. Georgia
  99. Diamond
  100. Grace

Are you still unsure about which name to choose for your bearded dragon? You’re not alone. Some reptile owners just know their pet is a Pearl or Rosie as soon as they make first eye contact, yet many other pet parents require some time to try out different choices.

Bearded Dragon is taking a shower
Bearded Dragon is taking a shower

If the process of choosing a name is going tough for you, keep in mind that a name can come from various sources of inspiration, for example, your favorite movie, bestseller books, famous stars, your culture, etc. Don’t get upset and keep trying!

P.S. Have a bearded dragon boy? Then you might be interested in seeing our ideas for male bearded dragon names too 😉